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Rockwood helps millwork shops meet market demands

Millwork shops often need additional resources to keep up with their customers’ expectations. Labor issues, unanticipated spikes in sales and manufacturing limitations can all lead to your company falling behind on production. But rather than adding to your past-due deliveries, let Rockwood step in to help you close the gap.


Win-Win Solutions

To assist a millwork shop that faced high in-house production costs, we provided the parts they needed to stay on time and on budget. This was a mutually beneficial arrangement as both companies focused on what they did best. In this case, we supplied millwork components and the customer enhanced them with additional features.


By relying on Rockwood, this company can continue to cultivate new opportunities with their clients. And with the ability to bring together diverse capabilities, they are better positioned as a resource for the industry they supply.


Meeting High Standards

Another customer often turns to us when managing complex millwork projects with demanding design requirements. These can be highly-visible applications for market-leading brands and organizations. For example, a high-end retail display may call for dozens of different types of millwork. Because the storefront must be as sophisticated as the products inside, every detail matters.


This customer knows that a simple call to Rockwood will allow them to better leverage their craftsmen and optimize their production. And when plans call for curved wooden components, they’ve seen the impeccable quality Rockwood delivers.


A Long-Term Partner

No matter if you bring us an architectural drawing or a simple sketch, we work hand-in-hand with you to ensure your customer will be happy with the end product. Our collaborations with millwork shops have included a wide range of commercial and residential projects — from custom doors to radiused window frames. These successful partnerships have lasted many years, some for generations.


With this commitment, companies can trust that we will protect their designs and business relationships. After all, we believe it’s not just what we do that matters, it’s who we do it for.


If you have a millwork project that challenges your manufacturing capabilities, consider handing it off to Rockwood, so you can pursue new opportunities for growth.





We enjoy solving problems, improving efficiency, and helping you save money. We take the time to understand your specific challenges and work with you through the process.

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