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How we cut lead times for a leading door manufacturer

A delay in the production of millwork can easily translate to costly hold ups on the jobsite.


So when a local door manufacturer was relying on an out-of-state supplier for custom transoms, Rockwood was called to help improve their supply chain.


Our task was to meet or exceed their current product standards, while improving manufacturing efficiencies. Because this customer was known for its high level of service, our ability to manage lead times would be critical to our success.


A new material solution

Creating curved wooden features for entryways was well within Rockwood’s field of expertise. However, this customer was using a polymer material for the exterior-facing components. This was an important product feature that reduced homeowner maintenance while protecting against the elements.


Rockwood worked closely with the customer to understand the performance properties we would need to deliver.


The material we selected would be new to our company, but we welcomed the opportunity to enhance our capabilities. We were soon able to implement effective manufacturing processes, from heating and bending the components to streamlining assembly.


Losing the wait

At the same time, we took a significant step toward tightening production timelines.


While Rockwood was responsible for constructing the transom frames, the customer cut and installed the window glass. Previously, this meant waiting on a physical template to arrive from their supplier. As a result, the woodworking and glass cutting operations happened consecutively.


By digitizing the templates, Rockwood could instantly send them to the customer, allowing these processes to occur together. Adopting this technology was a significant improvement as it provided the customer an opportunity to reduce lead times from a couple of months to just a few weeks. And when Rockwood was ready to deliver the finished transom, the journey took minutes instead of days.


Building lasting relationships

This customer noted that a key benefit of our relationship is Rockwood’s ability to quickly resolve any issues that arise. With a shared commitment to premium quality products and responsive service, we’re exploring opportunities to work together on additional product lines.


By creating win-win situations, Rockwood is focused on developing long term partnerships with our customers. We listen to your needs and then help you balance price, service and quality considerations.

When you need a supplier who can help you take your operations to the next level, Rockwood is ready to get work.





We enjoy solving problems, improving efficiency, and helping you save money. We take the time to understand your specific challenges and work with you through the process.

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